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Our approach

Our approach is based upon the belief that every child is born with the intrinsic desire to learn and explore. We believe in providing children with real first hand experiences that inspire children and build on their existing knowledge. Our beautiful homely rooms are filled with resources that offer the children opportunities to experience discovery awe and wonder. Our skilled and experienced practitioners encourage the inquiring, expanding thoughts and imaginations of the children.

Throughout the day there is an excellent balance between child initiated play and adult led learning. At Little Rascals we put huge emphasis on the importance of learning through play and allowing children to self direct their learning.  We aim to teach the children how to think instead of what to think.

Melton Mowbray Nursery

Throughout their time at nursery the children enjoy lots of additional activities which embellish their learning opportunites such as, Yoga, fun fitness, Baby sign and music classes. Working with small ‘family groups’ of children allows staff to form excellent relationships and enables an individualised family -centred approach to our care thereby ensuring the best outcomes for all children.

By providing an enriched and stimulating environment filled with open ended learning opportunities, we allow the children to learn and grow in skills necessary to become autonomous, confident individuals.

Little Rascals Melton Mowbray

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“The quality of teaching and learning is good and occasionally OUTSTANDING! The management team is dedicated and committed to ensuring that children receive a high-quality nursery experience”

Ofsted 2016