Welby Lane Nursery

The Welby Lane setting is our first nursery and opened its doors in 2007. It is a small and intimate nursery providing care for 36 children. The nursery is set within a small, detached house with a warm and comforting colour scheme. Each room within the building has access to its own outdoor area, which forms an extension to our indoor environments. Outdoor activities form a large part of our daily learning provision and children are provided with opportunities to access the outdoors each and every day giving them the freedom to explore, learn and play.


The learning opportunities provided for the children are further embellished with regular activities such as music lessons, baby sign classes, cookery, forest school, trips out and animal petting sessions.

Staff  skillfully document each child’s journey of learning and the development that takes place whilst at nursery. This is recorded using some software called Tapestry, which allows families to log in and receive regular observations about what their child has been learning whilst at nursery. We firmly believe that parents are children’s first educators. Therefore we actively encourage parents to share information about what their child likes to learn about whilst at home.

Melton Mowbray Nursery

We have a graduate -led team of practitioners who have been carefully selected for their passion, enthusiasm and experience. Staff are dedicated to providing the best for your child and work closely with families to provide excellent care and communication.

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